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Health risks of COVID-19 and how to handle it at home?

Our world has been facing roughly at most a minuscule one pandemic every hundred years, and this decade we got COVID-19. Covid stands for novel Coronavirus with strain number 19. This Coronavirus is not an alien virus. It is a very familiar virus of the influenza variety and has been causing common cold and flu-like symptoms for years. But, in 2019, this Coronavirus had some specific genetic mutation that is causing the worldwide pandemic.




We already know that COVID-19 is a flu-like disease. So, the primary and most common symptom is sore throat with a common cold. COVID-19 is unique because of its other Features like anosmia and coryza. Anosmia is a medical term that means when one can not smell any scent temporarily. Coronavirus mainly affects the upper respiratory tract, so other flu symptoms are shared here.



COVID-19 had a deadly mortality rate above twenty up to thirty percent in mid-2021. It left America, Europe, and such big economies wholly devastated. But, luckily helpful home remedies, proper hospital care, and self-care could reduce the complications by many folds.


The most common complication of COVID-19 by far is abnormal coagulopathy. Our blood Naturally has heparin in it to prevent spontaneous clotting. It also allows blood to clot immediately after a cut or injury. COVID-19 alters these mechanisms on a molecular level causing abnormal clots in essential blood vessels. It can lead to cardio-respiratory failure, bleeding, and stroke.


Home remedies

There are a few very effective home remedies that have been useful throughout this pandemic. Some of these techniques have legal, medical research behind them, and some have been useful throughout the years in many other diseases.


Green tea

Any hot drink will provide temporary relief against cold and sore throat. It is helpful to break down and dilute the mucus and clear the throat. So, you can breathe easily and feel immediately better after a hot cup of coffee. But, green tea is better as an option to prevent the complications of COVID-19. Covid alters the immune system and reduces our natural defense system.


The process will increase oxidative stress and cellular death. Green tea or lemon has natural antioxidants that can fight against the increasing oxidative stress on a cellular level. It also prevents premature cellular aging from preventing other complications.


Fluid intake

It would be best if you increase your fluid intake than usual during the COVID-19 infective phase. It will keep your plasma volume perfect and help to fight against the virus from within your body. Also, you have to monitor your urine output, volume, and smell during this time. A clear or pale yellow urine is normal, and if you see high-colored urine, you should consider calling the healthcare team.




It is not a home remedy for COVID-19 but an essential step in the prevention phase. If you are suffering from mild covid with positive results or have a positive history of contact, you should go in self-isolation for at least seven days. According to most researchers, fourteen days of isolation is vital to ensure that you are no longer spreading the virus to the community.



You can use OTC or over-the-counter drugs to treat the mild symptoms. It includes acetylsalicylic acid, commonly known as paracetamol, to treat fever, body pain, etc. But, do not use nonsteroid, anti-inflammatory drug groups without proper prescription. Also, antiviral drugs are highly toxic and did not show such promising results against this virus.


So, if you feel the symptoms are getting worse, get to your nearest covid care facility and get help.



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