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It would be best if you gave these vaccines to your children before they turned one. 

Children are bundles of joy, and we plan so many things before you come into our world. New parents try to make everything from the baby cot to the small clothes the best quality for their upcoming kid. But, are you preparing enough to save your precious children from the deadliest diseases of childhood?

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Current data

Under-five mortality or the death rate of children under five years per thousand in a given area is dangerously high. The rates are going down in developed and privileged countries. But, the scenario is not satisfactory at all in developing and underdeveloped countries still. About five children in per thousand live births die from some prevalent childhood diseases.


Is there any solution?

There are very feasible and convenient solutions to this problem. You guessed it right. The mass vaccination program is a scientifically proven and highly authentic approach to reduce under-five mortality rates worldwide. Almost all countries are slowly adopting this procedure and ensuring that no kid is out of vaccine coverage despite their economic conditions.


Which diseases are preventable?

There are a lot of modern vaccines these days to protect your children from childhood diseases. But, here in this section, we will discuss the most important and affordable ones.


BCG vaccine


BCG stands for bacillus, Climate, and Guerine strains causing tuberculosis. This vaccine alone played a significant role in eradicating or at least controlling the open and active tuberculosis cases worldwide. Deficient socioeconomic countries, Southeast Asia, and such regions used to be active TB zones before the mass BCG vaccination program. It would be best to vaccinate your children with BCG vaccines from any time after birth to six weeks. Then the second dose comes at the tenth and the third one at the fourteenth week.


Pentavalent vaccines


Earlier it was only a trivalent vaccine with DPT strains. D stands for diphtheria, P for pertussis, and T stands for Tetanus. These trivalent or polyvalent vaccines can prevent three diseases or three different strains of one disease at a time. But, gradually, the scientists could make it better and developed a pentavalent strain.



Nowadays, we get protection against Haemophilus influenza virus Type B and Pneumococcus Pneumoniae with this vaccine. Usual pneumonia and flu may feel like prevalent diseases to you. But, these strains are deadly in childhood. Pneumococcus bacteria is responsible for about seventy-five percent of meningitis in children, and most of their Prognosis is terrible.

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You must have heard about polio and how it can cripple a person for life. It is a neurodegenerative disease that marks the person’s life and makes the limbs weak to control voluntary movement. The worst part about this disease is that it spreads in the fecal-oral route. It means the disease can spread from one to another through shared food, drinks, or contaminated water too.



Polio almost became an epidemic in the South East Asian region and became the next pandemic worldwide. But, the oral polio vaccine stopped the race and saved millions of children from crippling. Nowadays, most countries organize national campaigns to provide two drops of oral polio vaccine to children under five for free.


Why IPV?


Nowadays, there is an injectable form of the polio vaccine for better action with less dosage. Also, there were some backlogs of the oral vaccine that the new injectable polio vaccine has ruled out successfully.




MMR stands for measles, mumps, and rubella disease. Children usually get maternal protection against these diseases till six months of age. So, the doses start from nine months.



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