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Essential life support: A health Manual every adult should know.

Our healthcare system is constantly struggling to find better medicine, a better procedure to save more lives every day. During the coronavirus pandemic, we saw that our doctors, caregivers, and scientists bet on their lives to save others. It is a commendable effort, and we should not interfere with doctors’ jobs ever. But, we all should be aware of some primary health support or emergency maneuvers to help people in need.



What is BLS?


BLS or essential life support is specialized emergency medicine and first aid branch. Here, you do not have to be a certified physician to attain these procedures and save someone’s life. But, you have to have a very avid idea of BLS lines. BLS is a pervasive subject, and you should know when to call for help and wait for the doctor to take over the responsibility.



Where to apply?

Let us discuss some scenarios where you may need to apply your knowledge of BLS to save people. It will be helpful for you to make the right call.



If you see someone drowning and know swimming, your first duty will be to remove all the clothes you can. Make sure to remove the socks and shoes to avoid extra weight in the water. Then jump immediately and reach the person as soon as possible. You have to hold the person around their hips or back of the neck to keep them floating. You have to remember that you can not carry a drowning and frightened man to the shore. If you try it, the drowning person will hold you tightly and take you down out of fear.




Once you bring the person onshore, then immediately remove all the clothes from the body and check if he is breathing or not. If the person is breathing normally, you can massage the limbs to bring back sensation. But, if you see there is no voluntary breathing, then it is an emergency case. You have to call for help and start CPR with mouth-to-mouth breathing immediately.

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CPR stands for cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. And, it is a beneficial method to start respiration after significant trauma or respiratory failure. You need to follow the protocol to ensure the correct procedure. First, you have to put your right hand over the left hand in a clasping manner and press over the heart with full force. Make sure that you do not continue the force for more than fifteen seconds at once.


After one episode of fifteen seconds, you need to respond via the mouth and wait for the person to expire. Now, continue this process till the person starts taking breaths usually. Also, remember that rib fractures are prevalent during CPR maneuvers. So, it would be best if you did not stop doing CPR until the person becomes conscious or starts breathing normally.


Head injury

Body and head injuries are among the most common outdoor injuries, and you may come across one while heading to the office tomorrow. So, if you see such a case, then first try to see if the affected person is conscious or not. It is a universal rule that you must not try to lift or push an unconscious person with a suspected head injury. It may cause spinal detachment or injury resulting in permanent damage.


So, BLS here includes calling for emergency help and handing over the person to the trained paramedics.




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If you are in a mass injury scenario, you have to follow the triage protocol. Here, you have to prioritize treatment giving depending on the physical condition of the people and your resources.



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