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Blackjack BK8 – Discover the Basic Rules in the Most Detailed


Blackjack BK8 is being loved by millions of members of the house because of the simple rules of the game but extremely high profits. However, not everyone fully understands the basic rules of playing cards. Therefore, in the article below, we will reveal to rookies the information they need to know about introductory Blackjack.

Discover the standard Blackjack BK8 rules only

Nhà cái BK8 is famous throughout Asia for providing top-notch and extremely rich casino games. One of the most popular products at this playground is Blackjack. Without letting you wait long, soon we will provide a detailed and accurate guide to playing this card game.

Discover the standard Blackjack BK8 rules only

Parties to the game

In Blackjack BK8, the participants will include both the player and the dealer of the house. The special feature of this game is that instead of comparing points with rivals, you willread cards with the dealer. A standard table will accommodate up to 7 players.

Rules for scoring cards in the game Blackjack

Blackjack is a point game, so the rules for scoring cards in this game play a very important role. Here, let’s explore this issue in more detail to avoid confusion when placing bets:

  • Cards from 2 to 10 points = 2 – 10 points.
  • Cards J, Q, K = 10 points.
  • Aces can be equal to 1 or 11 points depending on the case. If the player has a total of less than 10 and draws an additional Ace, this Ace = 11 points. However, if the previous sum is already greater than 10, the Ace takes an extra = 1 point.
  • Screenshot 2 2

Rules for scoring cards in the game Blackjack

Rule Get more cards in the game of Blackjack

To start a game of cards Blackjack BK8, all participants, including the dealer, will be dealt 2 cards at random. In which, the player’s cards are all opened and the dealer’s cards will have 1 face 1 face up. You are allowed to draw 5 more cards to improve your score, but not exceed 21 points.

Next will be the dealer’s extra drawing session. However, they can only take more cards if the total is lower than 17. If the total is equal to or higher than this mark, the dealer must keep the original point.

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Rules for considering winning/losing when playing Blackjack BK8

After all have stopped drawing, each player will compare their hand scores directly with the dealer. At this time, the system will determine who wins and who loses based on the following rules:

  • If you have a combination of 1 Ace and 1 10 point card (10, J, Q, K), you win Blackjack and receive a reward at the ratio 3: 2.
  • In case the player has a higher score than the dealer but does not exceed 21, the player wins and receives a reward at a ratio of 1: 1.
  • If you draw more cards and exceed 21 points in Blackjack BK8, the player will lose the entire initial bet. At the same time, even though the house is then over 21 points, they still win.
  • When comparing cards with the dealer and you have a lower score than them, of course you will lose all your capital.

Player Action Options in Blackjack

When playing Blackjack at BK8s or anyperiod At any other dealer on the market today, the player is initially dealt 2 cards. After that, you have the right to choose one of the following bet actions:

Screenshot 3 2

Player Action Options in Blackjack

Withdraw (Hit)

According to the rules of the game Blackjack BK8, you can improve your score by drawing more cards. However, the number of extra cards cannot exceed 5, and the total score cannot exceed 21.

Stop (Stand)

If you want to keep the original score, the gamer will choose to stop. At this time, the extra draw will immediately be transferred to the person sitting behind.

Double (Double)

In Blackjack BK8, before withdrawing more, you are entitled to bet twice the original amount. However, after that, we are only allowed to take 1 more card. This option also gives us a great advantage that when the dealer has 10 points, even if it exceeds 21, the player will not lose money.

Split (Slit)

In the case that you are initially dealt 2 identical cards, you can split them into 2 separate capacitors. Next at each capacitor, the player can draw arbitrary cards into each capacitor. However, keep in mind a few more rules if choosing this split action:

  • The two separated capacitors must have the same bet as the original capacitor.
  • Every game Blackjack BK8 You are only allowed to choose a split once.
  • In the case of a split of 2 Aces, only 1 more card can be drawn from each hand.
  • After splitting, you will not be able to win Blackjack even if you have 1 Ace and 1 10 point card.

Insurance (Insurance)

If it is predicted that the dealer is likely to own Blackjack, the player can choose insurance to reduce the loss. Specifically, if the dealer’s face up card is an Ace, you will take this action and only need to bet half of the original amount. However, if the dealer does not have a Blackjack, we will lose our entire bet no matter what the total score.

So the article has revealed to players the rules of the game Blackjack BK8 most detailed and complete. Please register to join the house today to try this classic masterpiece and bring home a brilliant victory.



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