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How to Play Sic Bo and Sic Bo to Always Win

For those who bet on red and black, the sport over/under dice highly risky. However, NEW88 Today we will provide ways and methods for players to have a higher winning rate.
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What is dice?

Over/under dice is a game gamble appeared during the Han Dynasty of China. Over time it gradually spread to southern countries and now the whole world. Besides the name over/under dice, depending on each place, people will give this game other special names such as Sicbo, small big,… The rules of the game are: over/under dice also extremely simple. In a table, there will be 3 dice placed in a glass or a similarly shaped tool to shake the dice evenly.

On each dice there will be 6 sides, each side has from 1 to 6 dots. When the shaker stops, the player will bet on the two over/under boxes on the table. Under if the total number of dots of the 3 dice is from 3 to 10. On the contrary, over when the number of dots is from 11 to 18. This is a game with extremely high risk. However, you can also control your luck with different tips.

The method of playing over/under dice always wins

Currently, over/under dice played in many different locations. In particular, online betting forms are quite developing. Therefore, the playing tips will be specifically applied to each separate place.

In addition, to use the tips, you must first be very patient and master all the basic concepts of over/under dice. Because these are considered top gambling skills that take a lot of time to practice and practice.

How to predict and observe correct results

For bettors over/under dice Their observation and prediction skills are extremely superior. In fact, these are skills that are practiced in advance and take a lot of time to perfect. If you are playing at live locations, the important factors to observe will be the hand force of the person shaking the dice, the rotation period and other factors related to geometry and physics such as direction, direction and inertia. .

However, for forms of online play, it is completely different. Players can only see the dice’s movements through the screen and it is difficult to observe. That’s why prediction experience will be an important factor. To do that, you must have played long enough to know the exact rules.

Specifically, if the previous rounds were over, the over rate in the next round will be extremely low. Many people often bet entirely on over or under, this is a completely wrong mindset. In terms of numbers, if you do that you can only draw or lose because the odds in over/under are usually 50 – 50.

Calculate the exact ratio

Speaking of probability ratios when rolling dice, in Vietnamese mathematics there is a whole chapter teaching about that. However, very few bettors can apply it to their games, because it is an extremely abstract and difficult to understand category. NEW88 will explain in the simplest way for those of you who have difficulty calculating.

Specifically, after each game, the bettor should list the previous matches over and under. Pen and paper or notes in anything that can be written on, then you can choose the common factor by determining the number of house-limited games.
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Use the listed numbers divided by the common factor, then use the relative probability formula to determine the number of overs and unders that will appear in the next game. Suppose the house limits 20 games, of which 15 games appear under, the odds are 75%, the probability formula will be 1 minus the calculated odds. The result will be 25%, which means that in the remaining 5 games, the chance of under appearing is only 25%. Put your money down more heavily in the Over boxes to make a profit in the remaining games.

How to predict over and under dice

Although the probability ratios are usually very accurate, sometimes the house can also influence the game. It could be using a way to modify the system so that the games fall on the bottom bridge, meaning it’s all over or under. To overcome that, bettors must find a truly reputable address or use prediction methods to determine the appropriate way to deposit money.

If in the first 1 or 2 games the results are all over or under. You should reduce money strongly at the beginning and then gradually reduce it at the end. On the contrary, if the demand has not yet been determined, you should wait and use the probability ratio calculation as we mentioned above to get the best profit.


Above are the ways to play over/under dice Brings victory to bettors. Hopefully those experiences can help you unleash your passion and bring money into your pocket. News casino NEW88 Let’s close here, thank you for following and supporting us.



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