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Is it okay to skip breakfast for a healthy diet chart?

Healthy living has been a massive plan in this decade, and people are getting more conscious about the things they put in their systems. Undoubtedly, it is a great thing and improve our community’s overall health conditions and prevent many diseases. There have been some rough patches about it too. Diet control is on the top of the lifestyle modification chart, and here in this article, we will discuss in detail some pros and cons of it.

What do you want?

If you want to switch or upgrade your diet, then the first question is, what do you expect from your new diet plan. Most people do not know this question or analyze the answers and jump into trying new diet charts online, and the results are usually unsatisfactory. For example, if you are obese and have health issues due to it, you need a diet chart that cuts the carbohydrate from the list.


But, if you are physically fit and under a regular weight group, you should go for body toning or maintaining muscle mass. You have to add more protein or balance nutrients in the chart. So, knowing your body’s needs is the first step of a good diet.


Skipping meal

Nowadays, one meal a day or intermittent fasting regimen has become very popular worldwide to reduce weight faster than ever. It works, and according to most healthcare professionals, this fast weight reduction is the negative part of these charts. You have to understand the primary mechanism of weight gain and loss to get the flaw here.


Mechanism of weight loss

Our body converts more or less everything to glucose after we ingest it in various forms. This glucose stays in our liver and muscles as glycogen and supplies energy during starvation periods. So, if you want to lose weight, you have to increase the glycogen breakdown process, and long windows of starvation can help here. If you start cutting off carbohydrates from your diet, the exact mechanism will happen, and you will lose weight.


No breakfast regime

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Now that we understand the primary weight loss mechanism, we can see that there is Practically no problem in skipping a meal, especially breakfast. As long as you fulfill your daily dietary requirements from the portions, you take to keep you healthy. But, if you want to establish a healthy lifestyle, it is certainly not a good option.

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Adverse effects of starving

Our brain can only intake direct glucose and needs a constant supply of it to function well. When we starve or take longer breaks between meals, our body starts alternative mechanisms to convert fat and protein to glucose. The process burns more energy, and the brain gets significantly less pure glucose. So, slowly, the higher cognitive functions can slow down, which is why most trained nutritionists or doctors would not prescribe such regimes to younger people.


Healthy alternatives

The best way to keep your appetite under control and improve health is to establish a healthy diet chart that fits your body needs. Once you include foods in your well-being routine, then things will be easier for you to maintain. For example, you can take smaller portions every time and increase the frequency of eating.


Benefits of frequent eating

Many trusted kinds of research show promising results of frequent eating to lose writing. Here our body activates the metabolism process every time you eat, and the process requires a lot of energy to function. So, if you can keep the portions small, it will burn a lot of energy, and eventually, you will lose weight.





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