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Introduction To Bio Metric Authentication On KuCoin

KuCoin has emerged as the leading crypto marketplace; the platform is known for its millions of users and advanced features, which benefit the users by lowering the risk associated with the crypto trade and diversity of coins, about 600+ to exchange.

The platform was launched in 2017 when the rise of the crypto industry took place. Since then, the platform has provided excellent efficiency and reliable services to its users. The platform has a large consumer base that is widespread on every continent. It is not only a bitcoin exchange platform, but also you can do altcoin exchange and learn about the latest cryptocurrency prices.

As we have mentioned that KuCoin provides security services; to ensure this commitment, the users have to go through a series of KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures so that we would have all the necessary information about our customers and the platform could protect them from any threat in addition to that if the customers complete the KYC process they can fully enjoy the benefits and feature of platform such as Future Trading, Margin Trading and other. Bio-Metric Authentication is a part of the platform’s KYC process; we have discussed all the details you need to know below.

What Is Biometric Authentication?

Biometric Authentication is a way in which the platforms acquire the unique biological characteristics of a person to confirm that they are who they are. KuCoin does biometric authentication through an intelligent face scan. Your image is collected to verify that you are the user. This type of verification is common in mobile devices such as the latest iPhone and Android devices.

Benefits Of Biometric Verification

There are several benefits of biometric verification. First, it is a faster type of verification that is entirely hassle-free. You have to open your camera to verify yourself. There is no requirement to fill out lengthy documents and sign them, as happened in most financial institutions like banks and Financial Agencies where there are strict legalities.

Another benefit of biometric identification is that if the user’s device gets stolen, lost, or damaged, the then funds of the user would be secure as only he can access the platform through unique identification. This safeguards the users from any potential damage and increases the platform’s credibility.

Biometric verification sets the most vital layer of protection, unlike codes and passwords, which can be easily hacked into your face, and no one can possess fingerprints. Stealing these unique characteristics is close to impossible.

KuCoin ensures its customers that their sensitive information is kept securely by the platform itself, like fingerprint patterns and face identification, and will only use for security purposes.

Biometric verification is best for large and more widely used applications; KuCoin has 18 million users worldwide. It wouldn’t be a coincidence that they could have the same password. That is why for an application with a mass audience, it is better to use biometric identification so that each user has different information.

As we have seen the boom of blockchain technology, more and more people are interested in investing their time and money in this technology. If you think the same, join KuCoin and earn profitable returns from crypto trading. 



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