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Housekeeping Careers in the Health Care Industry

In today’s health care industry, there is a growing need for housekeepers who are able to provide quality services to senior living communities and home health companies. These jobs can be highly rewarding and offer competitive salaries, making them an attractive career option for many healthcare workers. But what do you need to know before pursuing a career in housekeeping? Let’s take a closer look at the requirements and options available.

Job Requirements

Housekeeping jobs require applicants to be physically fit, as they involve standing, walking, bending, and lifting throughout their shift. Additionally, many employers require their housekeepers to have a high school diploma or GED equivalent. Other necessary skills include the ability to read and write English; proficiency in math; attention to detail; organization; problem solving; customer service; and strong communication abilities. If you are interested in pursuing this line of work, you should also expect your potential employer to run a background check before hiring you.

Career Development

The job of a housekeeper does not require any special certification or training beyond on-the-job experience. However, there are many opportunities for career development within the field of housekeeping. For example, some employers may offer employee development programs that allow employees to gain additional knowledge and skills related to the hospitality industry. Additionally, many employers will reward loyal employees with promotions such as head housekeeper or supervisor positions.


Housekeeping careers in the healthcare industry are in high demand right now with senior living communities and home health companies looking for qualified candidates that possess the right skillset and qualifications for these roles. With competitive salaries available and ample opportunities for career growth, it is no wonder why so many people are considering this type of work when weighing their options for employment in the healthcare sector. If you think this could be an interesting path for you professionally, start researching further today.



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