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Five excellent health benefits of walking ten thousand steps every day

A healthy lifestyle is a trend this decade, and hopefully, people will be more conscious in 2022 about their health and wellbeing. People are adopting various means to stay healthy and fit these days, and the list includes an improved diet, exercise regime, and some may even try surgery to keep the shape. But, how much exercise is good for your health, and how does it exactly help your system?




If you are trying to lead a healthy life, that does not mean you have to spend a thousand dollars on organic grocery and gym memberships. A healthy lifestyle is easy and manageable. For example, you can complete all forms of important exercise like resistance training, weight training, cardio, and such through walking. Walking is healthy and does not need any money.



How long should we walk?

Here is the critical question of how much is not too much when you start walking first as your only exercise. The answer is simple. There is no time limit for walking. You can start as little as ten minutes of walk around your neighborhood and extend it up to long marathons to keep your body fit. But, make sure to consult your physician before starting any exercise and ask for advice to set the limit according to your body’s condition.


Count in steps

This time limit can be confusing, and most people complain that they are not losing enough weight or feeling many changes after walking without any limits. Nowadays, there are advanced pedometers and mobile apps that count your steps. Also, these apps will tell you the calorie burn and target energy reduction every day. According to most health and fitness experts, ten thousand steps a day is the ideal limit to lose weight every month and shape your body.


But, here, you also have to understand that a ten thousand step count is a vague term. Your actual energy loss depends on the intensity of the workout. So, brisk walking or running for fifteen minutes is more effective than strolling for thirty minutes.


Health benefits

Now let us convince you why ten thousand steps on your neighborhood park is better than a thousand dollars gym membership per month.


Weight Loss

Walking should be your first resort if you want to lose weight safely without any side effects. When you try different restrictive diets like the keto diet or one meal a day regime, it causes metabolic abnormalities and hair loss. Also, walking helps you to detoxify your body and tone the muscles correctly without any expensive cosmetic surgery.



Good sleep

Regular walking is an excellent way to maintain your circadian rhythm. So, it helps to secret melatonin at regular intervals. If you have insomnia, then walking can be an excellent alternative to those sleeping pills.


Control diabetes

Walking regular opens up the secondary glucose co-transporters automatically. It does not require interference from synthetic insulin to conduct the process. So, walking is a perfect option to control diabetes and its complications.


Muscle Toning

If you are not looking forward to losing weight instead of contouring your muscles, then most people will suggest different exercise methods, For example, crunches and squats for butt lifting and plank to lose belly fat soon. These forms work, but the results are not satisfactory or proven at all. Then most people will prefer cosmetic and aesthetic surgery to tone up the muscles, which is even worse.


Walking activates all muscle groups in our body, helps to tone the muscles, and naturally reduces fat from unwanted places. It may take longer than a surgeon’s knife, but walking Is a way safer and sustainable method to shape your body.

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