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Benefits of Medical Cosmetology

Medical cosmetology is one of the main areas of modern cosmetology, the procedures of which are caused not so much by aesthetic as by medical indications. This area of ​​cosmetology is often also called therapeutic cosmetology.

Unlike aesthetic cosmetology, whose set of measures is aimed exclusively at solving aesthetic problems, 醫學美容 procedures have a positive effect on the rejuvenation and healing of the body as a whole and are used as preventive measures in the presence of certain diseases.

For many, the phrase “Medical cosmetology” causes, if not fear, then at least surprise and negative emotions, although it is not. Medical cosmetology does not involve any medical interventions in the functioning of your body; after medical cosmetology procedures, there are no scars or scars left.

If we talk about medical cosmetology in a different language, then it can be noted that this is a list of relevant procedures that are designed to have a beneficial effect on the healing of the body and, as a result, improve the appearance. You should look for the right 醫學美容中心 to undergo these procedures.

One of the best facilities to visit for your medical cosmetology procedure is 香港醫美. They have the right equipment and experts for your treatment procedures.

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Benefits of Medical Cosmetology

Medical cosmetology includes several areas: diagnostic cosmetology, medical cosmetology, preventive cosmetology. All these areas are designed to diagnose, treat and prevent diseases and problems such as:

  • excess weight;
  • hair loss (alopecia);
  • scars and scars left after operations or received as a result of injuries;
  • cellulite;
  • increased sweating (hyperhidrosis);
  • neoplasms: warts, papilloma, keratomas, and others that can be potentially hazardous to health.

A beautiful face is the hallmark of every girl. Of particular importance are radiant and healthy skin, a tightened oval of the face. However, time is inevitable – the skin loses its elasticity, wrinkles appear, and the complexion becomes dull.

Modern medical cosmetology will prolong youth and emphasize individuality at any age!

The secret of eternal youth is simple: clinics can combine the achievements of a new generation in the beauty industry, innovative equipment, proprietary techniques, the experience of highly qualified specialists, and an individual approach to the patient.

Medical cosmetology improves the skin’s condition, restores it after exposure to chemicals, laser, photodamage, and successfully corrects age-related changes. All techniques are oriented to take into account the natural features and characteristics of the skin.

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Medical Cosmetology Procedures

Different clinics offer various medical cosmetology procedures. These include:

  • Injection procedures (bio revitalization, mesotherapy, plasmolifting, Dysport injections (botulinum therapy), lip augmentation);
  • Skincare procedures (various types of peelings, carboxytherapy);
  • Anti-age solutions (contour plastic with fillers based on hyaluronic acid);
  • Hardware cosmetology for the face (non-injection mesotherapy, microcurrents – Hollywood lifting, ultrasonic cleaning with active substances, phonophoresis);
  • Treatment of excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis);
  • Professional diagnosis and removal of moles;
  • Laser hair removal on the Lumenis LightSheer DESIRE device (USA);
  • Hardware figure correction – vacuum-roller massage.

Professional facial care is necessary to maintain a well-groomed appearance, deal with the first signs of aging, and age-related changes if you don’t want to undergo plastic surgery. You should look for qualified cosmetologists to have the procedure done professionally.



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