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What are the types of medical tourism?

People love visiting various parts of the world. But did you know that there are few people who travel to different countries to seek medical help. Back in the day people traveled to medical centers in their locality to avail advanced treatment, but now with medical tourism people are able to travel the world to seek the best healthcare facilities. In recent years medical tourism has been on an uptrend, this helps people to find the best treatment from the experts at affordable prices.

Is medical tourism a recent trend?

Previously medical tourism was not so common, with only a few people seeking medical treatment were aware of it. However in many countries the expense of quality healthcare has risen drastically, and even a simple procedure started to cost a fortune. As everyone is looking for quality healthcare at affordable prices, medical tourism has been on a trend. India’s healthcare tourism has increased significantly over the years due to high success rates.

What are the major types of medical tourism?

Medical tourism is still a completely new topic to most people. There are two major types domestic and international tourism:

Domestic tourism:

Domestic medical tourism refers to when residents of one nation travel to a different city, region, or state for medical, surgical, and dental care while also receiving equally excellent or better care than they would have received in their home city. Patients make this choice to travel for medical care due to affordability, better access to care, or a higher standard of care.

International tourism:

International medical tourism refers to the practice of people from one nation traveling to another to receive medical, surgical, and dental care while also receiving as excellent of a level of care as they would have received in their own nation and are doing so because it is more affordable. This practice results in better access to care or a higher standard of care.

  • Inbound Tourism:

Inbound medical tourism refers to visitors who come from outside the country. It is known as inbound medical tourism when people travel to other nations for medical treatment outside of their native country.

  • Outbound Tourism:

Outbound medical tourism describes visitors who depart from their own nation and visit another country or nation. Traveling for medical reasons, medical tourists represent outbound tourism for their nation.

Why is medical tourism highly considered?

For the majority of people, medical tourism is quite a known word. Medical tourism is now a highly common word that has been quite popular. There are various reasons why you can choose medical tourism.

Here are some of the reasons you might need to understand before choosing medical tourism:


Most developed countries offer high prices for even simple procedures. Whereas the same procedure can be availed at the best affordable price possible in many countries. Hence having a complete understanding of the prices for treatment as it helps in finding the best choice for medical tourism in India.

Advanced treatment options:

Most countries have the latest procedures to treat various medical conditions. Most developed countries have invested a lot of money in improving their healthcare services. Medical tourism can help you choose the latest treatment options from around the world.

Wide range of treatments:

Many countries offer a variety of treatment methods like fertility, cancer, and many more all under one roof. This is easy for a patient seeking medical help for different medical concerns.

Shorter wait time:

In most developed countries the waiting time to get treated is long and this might lead to the patients seeking help outside of their countries as this helps in quicker treatment.

Medical tourism vs. traveling for treatment:

You are not necessarily engaging in medical tourism only because a person is visiting another nation or area for health or medical reasons.

Medical tourism is the practise of going abroad intentionally to receive treatment that is more affordable and easily available. Usually a major proportion of medical tourists travel for selected procedures that are, albeit more expensively, available in their native country (for example, cosmetic surgery or dental work). Additionally, some medical tourists go abroad to get better care than they would get at home.

As an expat, you could at some point need specialized care that is not offered in your native country. In some situations, your doctor might recommend that you receive this treatment at a hospital in another city or area, another nation, or even your own country.

Even in nations with advanced economies, this is a standard practice. It is particularly prevalent if you are in a tiny country with little medical facilities or a remote place with few access to hospitals.

What are the things to remember while choosing for medical tourism?

There are various things to keep in mind before choosing medical tourism. Planning for medical tourism can be overwhelming. Keeping a few things in mind can help in making your travel stress-free.

  • Bring a companion with you while traveling for medical tourism
  • Make sure to choose a reliable healthcare
  • Talk to your insurance operator before choosing medical tourism.

Important Takeaway:

Medical tourism is a boon for people seeking medical help at affordable prices along with ensuring high standards of quality. People have the opportunity to get treatment at their comfort as they can choose the healthcare provider. There are various benefits of choosing medical tourism to help you have a complete understanding of the procedure. Visit the health tourism in India to ensure you have a safe journey throughout your treatment from the experts



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