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The Most Detailed Guide on How to Play Billionaire Online

 how to play billionaire card  favorite form of entertainment. The goal in each game is to get the largest fortune in your own name. So the fight for this property will bewill be how it happens, how to play, find out right hereLet’s use Hi88.

Introducing how to play the billionaire card

An introduction to how to play attractive online billionaire card

how to play billionaire card is a type of mind game, players through the process of rolling dice to make “business” decisions. Depending on the number of points you can pour, you must go to the specified cells.

At the stop, the player has the right to decide to choose: Buy, sell, rent, or other transactions… The billionaire chess player has the goal of winning the most assets for himself.

Up to now, the billionaire flag has become popular around the world. In particular, this form is also updated on the online game page to allow players to roll the dice online.

One of the addresses owned how to play billionaire card The leading reputation is the house Nhà cái Hi88. Quality playing field, players are free to roll the dice and move the animal or symbolic object to the cell corresponding to the number of buttons rolled.

Coming to Hi88, you will have the opportunity to entertain the billionaire card with eye-catching 3D graphics, realistically reproduced bets and moves. Besides rolling dice automatically, the results of random moves ensure fairness and transparency. Every moment of complete access opens up attractive game exchange and rewards, and receives many exclusive promotions.

What does the billionaire card game have?

The Most Detailed Guide on How to Play Billionaire Online1

Chess board and dice set in the billionaire card game

 how to play billionaire card At the HI88 dealer, there are: 1 chess board with 40 cells, 2 dice, each player’s symbol, the box showing the bet. In which, the chess board contains: 28 squares with names of places (real estate), 3 boxes of Qi (Community Chest), 3 boxes of Chance (Chance), 4 squares located at 4 corners (Village visit, Prison, Parking and Festival).

As a rule, each game of billionaire cards has a minimum of 2 participants, the maximum number of players will be based on the number of pieces. Besides, playing time is limited to 20 minutes.

Detailed instructions on  how to play billionaire card s for newbies

The Most Detailed Guide on How to Play Billionaire Online2

Detailed instructions on  how to play billionaire card s for newbies at Hi88

Boh billionairebring players many interesting and attractive experiences. However, in exchange for rewardsIf you are safe and reputable, choosing a playground and understanding the betting process is very important.

The top priority for online entertainment today, which is highly appreciated by bettors, is the house brand Hi88. Visit the betting page, play attractive chess with the following detailed participation instructions:

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Step 1: Choose the billionaire flag on Hi88

Players access the Hi88 homepage, register for an account to log in and deposit bets at the house. On the main interface, select Card Game → Choose how to play billionaire card → Tap ‘Play Now’

Step 2: Roll the dice to decide the number of steps

When the table is full of people, the Hi88 system will decide the “billionaire” to play first by choosing a card. how to play billionaire card very simple, all players just need to roll the dice to determine the number of moves.

  • The player toss 6 buttons is allowed to move 6 cells, toss 8 buttons are allowed to move 8 tiles.
  • The player who rolls 2 of the same face gets priority plus 1 roll of the dice. But if you roll 3 times in a row with the same 2 dice, you will be forced to go to jail.

Step 3: Make the request at the box you stop at

When the number of buttons is known, the player icon will move to the corresponding box. The player’s task at this time is to perform the rights and obligations required to have in that stop. Specifically how to play billionaire card is specified as follows:

  • If you land on a tile that doesn’t have an owner, the player can decide whether to spend money on the land, house, or beach in that tile.
  • If you go into an already owned box, you will need more money than the “landlord” there to buy back the property (if desired).
  • In case a player goes to the beach box and spends money to buy it, that property always belongs to you, no one has the right to buy it back.
  • In case you go to the tax box, you definitely need to spend money in the corresponding tax box.

Step 4: Decide the winner or loser of the billionaire card

 how to play billionaire card will repeat so and have the player who meets 1 of the conditions become the winner. Specifically

  • The successful player owns all the assets on the same row of the entire deck of billionaires.
  • Excellent players buy all 5 beaches, 5 tourist attractions on the board.
  • The richest player, the only one who still has his own assets, is not affected by the end of the game,
  • In addition, if after 30 rounds of dice roll or playing time lasts more than 20 minutes without any of the above cases, the member with the most money is the winner.


Here are the details about how to play billionaire card  online for player reference. Select Hi88 to participate in the redemption, you will have the opportunity to experience attractive, entertaining dice rollingEnjoy and get attractive rewards.



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