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How much is 1 Lot Point? How To Calculate The Lot Correctly


If you are a rookie in the lottery, besides knowing how to predict the correct numbers, you also need to know How much is 1 point lot?. This will help you determine the exact amount you will receive and to avoid being scammed. Follow the details right away with the bookie Hi88Club!

What is a lot point?

Before finding out How much is 1 point lot? then you need to know what the lot point is. This is the term in the lottery and represents the unit to calculate money. If you want to make money on a lot, you must know the calculation based on the specified lot point. Depending on the region, each region, the bookies will have different regulations on the conversion criteria 1 lot point.

Find out how much money 1 point lot

Lottery is a way of betting on numbers based on predicting the last 2 or 3 numbers of all prizes on the previous period’s results table. If you gamble, you will not tell the person who wrote the question how much money you have, but will report how many points you have (hit 5 points, 15 points, …).

How to calculate the most correct amount of money in 1 lot?

In Vietnam, there are currently three lotteries in the North, Central and South regions; The prize structure of each station is not the same, so the lot points will also be different. Even if it is the same lottery of the same region, but playing at different bookies, the points are also different. Each bookie has its own policies and regulations, so there will be a criterion for calculating 2 points, how much is it? How much is 1 point lot??

How to calculate according to the North

KQXSMB has 27 prizes, so players will search for many different pairs of lots. So how much does 1 lot cost in the Northern Lottery? 1 North lot point is equivalent to a money value of 23,000 VND, how many points you play, you will take 23,000 VND multiplied by that. However, there are still some places that charge 22,000 VND.

Because the Northern results have many prizes, the prize money received when winning is quite high. If you play traditional lotteries, you will receive 70,000 – 80,000 VND for a winning lot, if you play at online lotteries, you can receive up to 95,000 VND.

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Learn aboutHow much is 1 lot in the North?

Understand How much is 1 point lot?, assuming you play the lottery 45 10 points:

  • If the lot 45 explodes 1 click, you will receive in the range of VND 800,000 – VND 950,000 depending on the payment of each form.
  • If the lot 45 is 2 or more blinks, the number of times is multiplied. For example, if you explode twice, you will get 10 x 2 x 80,000 = 1,600,000, 3 times, 10 x 3 x 80,000 = 2,400,000 VND.

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Calculation of the Central region

In the Central Lottery How much is 1 point lot? According to some statistics then The Central plot point is quite similar to the Southern plot point. 1 lot point costs 16,000 VND or 17,000 VND. In different localities, there will be a difference of about 1,000 – 2,000 VND. And when winning the lot, the player also receives the same amount as the reward of the North is 80,000 – 90,000 VND.

How to calculate the southern lot

To answer the question How much is 1 point lot? In the South, the answer is that it is similar to the plot point of the Central region, which is about 16,000 – 17,000. The payout rate of 1 point in the South is still extremely attractive, because it is equivalent to the payout rate of the North. The capital investment is small but the profit is huge, so these types of lots are extremely attractive.

How much is 1 Lot PointHow To Calculate The Lot Correctly2

How much money is in the Southern lottery for 1 point?

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So, here’s the explanatory information How much is 1 point lot? for you. Hope you understand and can choose the right lottery method. Wish you good luck and get a lot of lottery bonuses at the online bookie Hi88.



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